Rurouni Kenshin Icons

082417: Reuploaded the icons, so they should be showing up now! ^^”
121115: Posting some of my old Kenshin icons. I plan on updating this post as I make more. 😉

Right click on image and select “Save Image As.”
rurounikenshin_icons_k rurounikenshin_icons_kaf rurounikenshin_icons_kcf rurounikenshin_icons_kcya rurounikenshin_icons_keoc rurounikenshin_icons_kldrurounikenshin_icons_klhs rurounikenshin_icons_ksf rurounikenshin_icons_kss rurounikenshin_icons_kssa rurounikenshin_icons_se rurounikenshin_icons_shiwarurounikenshin_icons_shziwcb rurounikenshin_icons_shziwcb2 rurounikenshin_icons_sswzb rurounikenshin_icons_swbv rurounikenshin_icons_swilad rurounikenshin_icons_ydc


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