Disney Icons

082417: Reuploaded the icons, so they should be showing up now! ^^”
040416: Some Mulan and Tangled icons. 😀

Right click on image and select “Save Image As.”

mulan_icon_bsatf mulan_icon_iatm mulan_icon_satl mulan_icon_satw tangled_icon_fatf

tangled_rsn tangled_ituk tangled_icon_smdth tangled_icon_scp tangled_icon_rwf tangled_icon_rwcltangled_icon_rsf tangled_icon_rrca tangled_icon_rpuwh tangled_icon_rpr tangled_icon_rfr tangled_icon_rfltangled_icon_rfd tangled_icon_psta tangled_icon_ppaf tangled_icon_paf tangled_icon_owf tangled_icon_gtbrtangled_icon_frph tangled_icon_foc tangled_icon_farih tangled_icon_dc_alistla tangled_icon_cd_sb tangled_icon_cd_rectangled_icon_cd_pb tangled_cd_fard


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