Lord of the Rings – Hobbit Icons

082417: Reuploaded the icons, so they should be showing up now! ^^”
041416: Some old icons of Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit.

Right click on image and select “Save Image As.”

The Hobbit
hobbit_icon_diethom hobbit_icon_goaa hobbit_icon_hi_01 hobbit_icon_hi_02 hobbit_icon_hi_03 hobbit_icon_hi_03b hobbit_icon_hi_04 hobbit_icon_hi_05 hobbit_icon_hi_06 hobbit_icon_hi_07 hobbit_icon_hi_09 hobbit_icon_hi_10 hobbit_icon_hi_11

The Lord of the Rings
LOTR_icon_aaawf LOTR_icon_aaww LOTR_icon_aawwa LOTR_icon_adn LOTR_icon_adn2 LOTR_icon_arud LOTR_icon_atfr LOTR_icon_awf LOTR_icon_awwanl LOTR_icon_eso LOTR_icon_f0414 LOTR_icon_fae LOTR_icon_fantasy_LOTR_01 LOTR_icon_fantasy_LOTR_02 LOTR_icon_fantasy_LOTR_03 LOTR_icon_fantasy_LOTR_04 LOTR_icon_fantasy_LOTR_alternate LOTR_icon_gil LOTR_icon_hh LOTR_icon_hibtwah LOTR_icon_howt LOTR_icon_laa LOTR_icon_lab LOTR_icon_lisa LOTR_icon_lns LOTR_icon_lotri_01 LOTR_icon_lsa LOTR_icon_mapc LOTR_icon_mapi LOTR_icon_mapsb LOTR_icon_mp LOTR_icon_mpcar LOTR_icon_orgs LOTR_icon_sfmj LOTR_icon_stdtr LOTR_icon_tfts LOTR_icon_tgtn LOTR_icon_trgeoao LOTR_icon_tthctsl LOTR_icon_ycoc


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