Tutorial: Basic Animation

Basic Animation in Photoshop*

from this:
to this:

Open a new 100×100 pixel project.

Add the layers you would like to animate. For this tutorial, I’m just going to use some colored squares. ^_^

Now open up your animation window (window>>animation). It should look like this:

Click on the small image on the bottom right corner.

Now your window should look like this:

Duplicate the frame. I just have four different colors so I’m going to duplicate it 3 times.

Select the second frame. Now go to your layers window and uncheck the top layer.

You should now see the blue square in the second frame. Click on the third frame and uncheck the top two layers in the layer window. Continue until you have a different color on each frame.

Now go to your animation window. And change the the number of loops from “once” to “forever.”


Then select all of your frames and change the times. I’m setting them to .5 seconds. If you want to go faster or slower than the ones listed, click on other. You can then type your times.


Click play to preview your animation!

To save your animation, go to file>>save for web and devices.

This window should pop up: animate_13
You can preview your animation again and mess with the settings to improve the quality.

When you’re done, check the size to make sure it’s not too big. Click save.

Just title it and save it as a gif file and you’re done! ^_^

One quick note: When you are adjusting placement of different elements in your icon (like repositioning an image), make sure you have the first frame selected on your animation window. If you don’t, the image will only move on the frame you had selected when you move the image.

*note: this is an old tutorial that uses Photoshop CS3; however, the steps should be fairly similar in the new Photoshop CC. 🙂 Please feel free to ask questions if you have any!


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